construction cleanup Asheville

construction cleanup Asheville

Asheville is home to many new construction projects. As any construction firm will tell you, construction is messy. There is a long way to go between physically completing a building and getting it ready for business operations. Tackling cleanup after construction isn't a simple task that can be undertaken by any maid service. It needs an experienced team with the right cleaning supplies.

At AVEX, we are a leading company offering reliable, efficient construction cleanup in Asheville. Our professional cleaning team is uniquely equipped to handle post-construction cleaning projects for commercial properties, buildings, and offices.

Our Construction Cleanup Services

The following is an overview of our Asheville construction cleaning services. They include but are not limited to:

Rough Clean - This kind of cleaning enables the final walk-through to be easily accessible and any touch-ups required to be more visible. Rough clean entails removing all the surface trash and dust.

Final Clean - As soon as all construction work is completed, our cleanup crew will prepare your property for achieving the Certificate of Occupancy. Here, our cleaning services in Asheville include:

  • Windows: Removing stickers or excess paint, getting rid of dust, cleaning windows thoroughly
  • Floors: Scraping the floors of debris, sweeping, washing the floor, vacuuming
  • Bathrooms: Disinfecting and sanitizing the bathrooms, cleaning surfaces of dust
  • Trash Removal: Removal of debris and trash left behind after construction touch-ups
  • Surfaces: Vacuuming and cleaning all the surfaces, including lighting fixtures

Eco-Friendly Construction Cleaning

We know how hard it is for everyone to breathe in an area where harsh chemicals were used. That is why when it comes to our construction cleanup methods, we take an environmental-friendly approach to ensure a better breathing environment. We only use the best, eco-friendly products when cleaning.

Construction Cleanup Requires the Right Equipment

When there is glue, caulk, and other residues on newly painted surfaces, it requires special materials and expertise to get rid of them without damaging the paint. Where other teams have previously not succeeded, our commercial cleaning services in Asheville, NC, have been able to remove residue from walls, and you'll never know it was there.

What sets us apart is our knowledge, extensive experience, and skills required to do a perfect job. Our aim is to stay out of the construction crew's way and be unobtrusive as we efficiently clean up your property.

When you contact us, we will provide you with a free on-site estimate of post-construction cleaning together with a brief overview of our cleaning timeframe and plan. What's more, no matter the scope of the project, we will make sure everything looks great and sharp, so your re-opening or launch goes off without any hitches.

Trust Your Construction Cleanup to the Experts at AVEX

Over the years, our management team, together with our expert cleaners, have successfully handled simple and complex construction cleanup in Asheville. Our mission in handling your construction cleaning in Asheville NC, is to ensure we work effectively and efficiently, saving you money and time while meeting your deadlines. Contact AVEX Building Maintenance Solutions for commercial and construction cleanup on (828) 381-4224.

construction cleanup Asheville
construction cleanup Asheville
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construction cleanup Asheville construction cleanup Asheville
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