Strip Wax & Buff Tile

Floor Stripping, Waxing & Buffing

Since 1991, Avex has stripped and waxed thousands of floors, the majority VCT tile (Vinyl Composite Tile), from construction cleaning and medical facilities to office complexes to cafeterias, newly laid tile to years of buildup and or lack of proper maintenance.

Using wax that the solids (plastic or polymer molecules left after drying) are between 18 and 22 percent, giving the customer a high reflective gloss shine that is easily buffed into a mirror finish has become the norm for all strip and wax jobs provided by Avex.

Avex has the experience and the knowledge to provide regular maintenance to full floor repaired damage to tile that requires sanding, Avex will give your floor the shine and protection you desire.

  • Small to large jobs
  • Construction Sites, office buildings, schools, offices, food service, plants and more
  • Holiday schedules available to accommodate service during plant closings
  • Thousands of References
  • Service area, counties of: NC VA SC GA TN FL
  • Free Walk Through and Quotes
  • Same day response available, dependent on job and current schedule and equipment availability
  • MSDS available for all chemicals, paints, and products
  • One time to regular schedule
  • Buffing schedule can also be added
  • Include or exclude moving furniture to accommodate your budget