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Rafter and ceiling cleaning removes dust, dirt, grease, and other materials commonly found on the high surfaces of manufacturing and production facilities. To the laymen, who don’t see all the work that goes on in these facilities every day, it might not seem very urgent. But to those who own or work at these facilities, you know how vital ceiling and rafter cleaning really is. Vibrations in the facility can shake built-up dust, soot, grime, and grease loose, causing it to contaminate the production below, making inventory useless. What’s more, the build-up of dust and dirt can become breeding grounds for mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. For your employees, your customers, and the broader community, committing to regular rafter and ceiling cleaning is imperative. As you may have read or seen on the news, dust can become a fire hazard when built up on high surface areas. It also won’t surprise any business owner to learn that OSHA & the NFPA can give violations and fines for having unsafe levels of dust on ceilings and rafters. Regular ceiling cleaning is also best for your building’s bottom line: collected debris can enter the ventilation and clog up the HVAC system, which can be costly to repair. AVEX provides ceiling cleaning for the industries of sheet metal, printing, yarn and hosier, and furniture, among others.

Of course, there are aesthetic reasons to have your ceilings cleaned as well, as visible dirt collected on surfaces can make a workplace unattractive, to both your prospective clients and your employees. A quality ceiling cleaning helps to ensure you’re making and maintaining a great first impression. Ceiling cleaning also serves to prepare surfaces for painting or other maintenance work. One of the worst things associated with ceilings that aren’t cleaned, whether it’s a factory, storefront, warehouse, or industrial environment, is the fact that it creates poor indoor air quality, which according to the EPA is a leading environmental threat and cause of airborne sickness. AVEX proudly serves Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County with expertise in ceiling cleaning, textile machine cleaning, and other forms of industrial cleaning. 

“We love to maintain relationships with our customers and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your facility more efficient, healthier, productive, and cleaner.”

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