When it comes to epoxy floor painting, it’s important to check for existing moisture issues. If your slab was originally poured with no underlying vapor barrier or you have high groundwater, it’s possible for water vapor pressure to actually lift coatings off the surface. At AVEX, our team is experienced in epoxy floor painting so that you will get results for many years to come. 

When you decide to go with epoxy floor paint, you’re making a wise decision because epoxy floor paint allows for far greater adhesion and durability than standard acrylic paint. Rest assured, AVEX provides something more substantial than your usual DIY project does. Many of the inexpensive “DIY” epoxy paint kits that you can buy at the local home improvement centers and online have as little as 48% solids. This means that it is easier to apply as well as cheaper to buy because the solids content is much lower along with the quality. It goes on the floor almost as easy as paint does but please understand, that doesn’t mean it will last for the long haul. The fact is, easy application is one of the primary selling points that makes these kits so popular to purchase. They can be applied to your garage floor more easily compared to the more premium epoxy coat systems.

As AVEX’S customers can tell you, our epoxy floor painting jobs last far longer and leave you with a floor you can feel good about. When it comes to durability, just remember, you get what you pay for. AVEX proudly serves Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County with epoxy floor painting services that last. 



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