Machine cleaning requires a knowledge of the machine’s makeup and how it’s built. AVEX has expertise in machine cleaning and 30 years of experience at our disposal. Done correctly, machine cleaning also requires specific and extensive insurance policies. AVEX carries all recommended insurance forms to ensure your facility is fully protected and your return on investment is fully guarded. It’s never a good idea to entrust the cleaning of your facility, with all of its equipment, surfaces, and machines, to anyone but proven professionals. Many of these facilities contain machines that require a lift. AVEX is able to acquire the necessary lifts for any application and in most cases (depending on location and workload), our team is able to procure the correct lift within two hours. Whatever the scope of the job, rest assured, AVEX is always responsive, with an associate on-hand 24/7 so that whenever you call, you get a real person—and not an automated service. That way, you know exactly what to expect from AVEX and you know exactly how we will deliver. 

It takes a lot of time and energy to run a large facility. The AVEX team responds accordingly, making all clean jobs as convenient, efficient, and complete as humanly possible. When you partner with AVEX, you receive a team of industrial cleaning professionals who place a premium on quality cleaning like few other teams around. It’s this commitment to uncompromising quality that has contributed to our 5-Star status as a company and that’s something we take great pride in, building relationships with our customers for many years at a time.

AVEX does hundreds of industrial cleaning jobs throughout the year, such as industrial machines, storage tanks, warehouses, production lines, exhaust pipes, print rooms, boiler rooms, ceilings, walls, and more. AVEX offers 30 years of experience incorporating articulating booms, scissors lifts, air chisel jackhammers, anti-static vacuums, pressure washers, generators, sanders, and more, in a variety of combinations to accomplish quality cleaning.


AVEX Understands the Issues

  • We follow OSHA approved safety guidelines
  • All paints used are OSHA and ANSI approved
  • Small to large jobs
  • Construction Sites to working alongside ongoing production
  • Holiday schedules available to accommodate service during plant closings
  • Hundreds of References
  • Service area, counties of: NC, VA, SC, GA, TN, FL
  • Available to start promptly if your situation is critical
  • Free walk through and quotes
  • Same day response available, dependent on job and current schedule and equipment availability
  • MSDS available for all chemicals, paints, and products

“We love to maintain relationships with our customers and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your facility more efficient, healthier, productive, and cleaner.”

24 Hour Live Phone Service

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