About AVEX Walk-In Freezer/Cooler Cleaning

Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, convenience store, or a supermarket, you have a vested interest in maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness of your walk-in cooler/freezer. It should be professionally cleaned to ensure many years of efficient use. Cleaning the evaporator and condensing coil is an essential part of managing your walk-in, as is cleaning the fan blades to reduce drag. AVEX has been cleaning commercial and industrial walk-in coolers/freezer for 30 years. Our expertise ensures our customers throughout Charlotte, Asheville, and Winston-Salem get the most out of their walk-ins and maintain them for many years to come. AVEX knows most business owners simply do not have the time to clean and maintain their walk-in freezers/coolers and we respond with knowledgeable, efficient service. 

Another important part of an AVEX walk-in cooler/freezer cleaning includes making sure fan motors are running at optimum speed. Our cleaning pros ensure outside condensing units maintain clear and adequate airflow when cleaning walk-ins. AVEX’s well-qualified professionals also check all electrical connections to make sure they are good and tight (loose wires could cause high amperage, which will cause your unit to use more energy). AVEX does not use harsh chemicals as it may react and harm the metal surface of your walk-in. For tips between AVEX walk-in cleanings, we can happily suggest best practices (and a list of chemicals not to use) in the interest of optimizing your appliance’s performance. AVEX’s cleaning and service technicians also ensure the drain lines are clean and not clogged with any debris. Another thing we like to advise our customers to do in between professional cleaning is to regularly wipe down door gaskets with soap and water to prevent bacterial or mold growth. If door gaskets are damaged, cracked, or stiff, the magnet will not seal and will need to be replaced, which of course is costly. In partnering with AVEX, you get more than a thorough cleaning of your walk-in freezer/cooler—you get a better sense of how to maintain it for the long haul. 

“We love to maintain relationships with our customers and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your facility more efficient, healthier, productive, and cleaner.”

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