AVEX: Commercial Cleaners You Can Trust

AVEX has gained a reputation throughout Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Asheville, NC for our unfailing commitment to providing professional commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning, construction site cleaning, revamping moving and cleaning, and all major cleaning jobs.

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  • Commercial floor cleaning
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Our commercial cleaning services are among the best-reviewed in the area because we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and provide a complete commercial clean. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen cleaning or an industrial machine cleaning, our long-time customers will be the first to vouch for our services: AVEX delivers the kind of cleaning that gets peoples’ attention.

If your commercial space is subject to health inspections, as all buildings are, you can put your business in harm’s way if you fail to attend to the behind-the-scenes cleaning tasks that make work areas sanitary. What’s more, a failure to deep clean can be noticeable to customers as well, hurting your public image.

No Commercial Cleaning Job We Can’t Handle

Whether you need deep cleaning performed monthly, quarterly, or on another specific schedule, utilizing AVEX’s professional commercial deep cleaning services guarantees the job is done right each time. Large scale cleaning is not for the faint of heart. Facilities with high levels of daily activity produce a great deal of dirt, allergens, waste, bacteria, dust, and germs. Now, with COVID-19 spreading throughout the country, business owners are reminded anew about the importance of hiring proven commercial cleaning professionals. AVEX can perform extensive professional deep cleaning services, apply EPA registered disinfectants to touchpoints throughout facilities, and ensure the job is done to completion.

Trust AVEX to deliver and customers, employees, health inspectors, and competitors will know your commercial facility is trustworthy on sight!