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AVEX has its roots in Charlotte, NC. Today, with over 30 years of experience under our belt, we`re able to provide same-day service to the area`s construction sites.


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Construction Cleanup

As a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce in Charlotte, AVEX has contracts with landfills for debris removal. We`re also licensed and insured for contract work (commercial and industrial) throughout Charlotte. Please note: our team is provided with all necessary forms of PPE with access to a versatile host of equipment,  ensuring a final construction cleaning regardless of the scope of the job. Servicing the areas Charlotte, Concord, Matthews, Mt Holly, Gastonia, and more, AVEX provides construction cleaning to the rural areas between towns as well.   

Conducting a safe construction cleanup is an essential factor as you seek to avoid injuries that could lead to lawsuits or (worst case scenario) even death. Bringing three decades of proven expertise to the table, you can rest assured, AVEX excels in the safety department. One of the most persistent issues on a construction site is the dust that accumulates. If it`s not handled the right way, it can cause respiratory problems. Another source of potential breathing issues is the harsh chemicals that are often used to clean the carpets, hardwoods, or tile flooring after the project`s completion. Take it from AVEX: jobs that are left to untrained, underqualified, or unproven cleaning teams can do damage to the flooring as well as to the air quality of the building. Typically speaking, construction cleaning requires a wide range of tools and specialized equipment, including a shop vac with HEPA filter, a variety of mops and buckets, ladders, extension poles, brooms, plastic putty knife scrapers, toothbrushes, microfiber cloths, rubbish bags, non-toxic cleaning solutions, spray bottles, and solvents for label removal.  Construction cleaners must also use safety equipment because of the potentially dangerous materials on a work site. AVEX is among the area`s most experienced construction cleaning teams with a 5-Star online presence.

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Safeguard the health, safety, and appearance of your investment with AVEX, a reliable construction cleaning team of the Charlotte community. Rest assured, AVEX offers free quotes. Our team carries all the proper filters and cleaning materials necessary to ensure a job well done. Trust AVEX to remove debris and dust, cleaning surfaces in the process.​

Top to Bottom Clean

Leftover materials like nails, glass, or wires can be hazardous if handled improperly. AVEX post-construction cleaning professionals know how to dispose of these safely, so you do not have to. AVEX proudly offers services seven days a week with day and night scheduling options for your convenience.

Leave an Impressive Effect

AVEX’s post-construction cleanup helps clean and remove any debris, dust, mud, adhesive, and other substances that are left over after a construction project. But we don’t stop there. Our team knows how to ensure your property maintains an impressive appearance. AVEX is Charlotte’s 5-Star post-construction cleaning team.

We Proudly Provide Construction Cleaning to All the Following Companies, Among Many Others:

  • Renaissance Charlotte South Park Hotel (Charlotte, NC): construction cleaning, debris removal
  • Steve Hoegger and Associates: construction cleaning
  • Conway Trucking (Charlotte, NC): construction cleaning
  • Mr. Pho Restaurant (Charlotte, NC): wall cleaning, appliance cleaning, kitchen cleaning, fry vat cleaning, oven and grill cleaning
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (Charlotte, NC): final construction cleaning, debris removal
  • Uptown Suites (Concord, NC): three stages of final construction cleaning, window cleaning, waxing, carpet cleaning
  • Billy Jack`s Shack NoDa (Charlotte, NC): final construction cleaning, curb to curb pressure washing, patio, signage, awning cleaning, debris removal, minor demolition of floors, strip and waxing

AVEX Offer Final and Rough Cleanings, with Rough Cleaning Occurring Midway Through a Construction Project. Cleaning Tasks at this Stage Include:

  • Rubbish is removed from the site
  • Excess caulking is removed from around benches, fixtures and fittings
  • Paint overspray is removed
  • Adhesive residues are removed from windows, doors, and walls
  • Floor is vacuumed and washed
  • All windows, sliding glass doors and glass partitions are thoroughly cleaned
  • Window frames are cleaned and window tracks vacuumed Ventilation systems are cleaned
  • Trim and baseboards are cleaned
  • Debris from garden or outdoors is removed
  • Ceilings are dusted Light fixtures and fans are dusted and/or washed Vacuum cleaning of walls and washing to remove dust, smudges, dirt, and scuff marks
  • Handrails, electrical switches and mantels are dusted and wiped down
  • Exterior walls are power washed
  • Hard floors may be waxed, polished, and/or buffed

The final cleaning, on the other hand, occurs once the construction project has come to completion. It includes every step in the rough cleaning stage with a thorough and comprehensive cleaning on top of it. AVEX carefully removes minor blemishes, smudges, and even fingerprints during the final cleaning. Once AVEX completes the job, your facility is transformed into a sight for sore eyes. Our team has been perfecting the hard work of construction cleaning for three decades. Our same-day services ensure building owners can maintain their schedule with minimal downtime. AVEX provides the Charlotte community with construction cleaning services like cleaning the baseboards, cleaning the windows, deep carpet cleaning, polishing fixtures, cleaning vents, stripping and waxing, and more.

Our partnership with Sunbelt Rentals in Hickory means that we have the capacity to access specialized equipment in 24 hours or less, making us the Charlotte area`s most efficient, adaptable construction cleaning company. Commercial and industrial building owners know how unwise it is to trust a construction crew with post-construction clean up. These teams specialize in building, after all, not cleaning. Cleaning after major construction needs to include vacuuming, dusting air diffusers, cleaning lights within the construction area, cleaning windows, cleaning restroom fixtures, spot cleaning interior glass, spot cleaning walls, spot treating affected carpet areas, and so much more.    

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We love to maintain relationships with our customers and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your facility more efficient, healthier, productive and cleaner.

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